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Generac Backup Generators
Generac home backup generator

Authorized Generac™ Dealer

Verdi Energy is an authorized Generac™ backup power generator dealer, installer and warranty service repair company with Factory Trained Technicians available to service any generator. 

Verdi Energy’s Backup Power Generator Division is directed by a trained and qualified Generac™ Factory Certified Master Technician. This certification is not simply given after attending a class, but a desgination given by Generac™ to their full time factory technicians after years of service at the Generac™ factory. With over 20 years of factory training and field service experience, Verdi Energy’s Generator Division Manager is uniquely qualified to ensure you the most reliable backup power generator possible.

When it comes to generators, he truly has seen it all from both the Generac™ Factory and in the field.

We make it easy for our customers to get what they want and we charge the fairest way possible. We are confident that delivering the greatest value is our unique competitive advantage. Our services are focused on long term customers who want to establish a lifelong relationship with Verdi Energy for all their Electrical, Audio/Visual, and Backup Power Generator needs, which means we are highly incentivized to do a great job and deliver value every time.


A permanently installed Generac™ home backup generator protects your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.

Is your home prepared for weather and fire related power outages?

Prepare ahead and protect your home and family with a powerful, silent and automatic back-up generator. Generac is a reliable leader for years when it comes to generators and back-up systems. You never know when there will be an emergency or power outage which is why it is essential to prepare.

“Having Generac gives me tremendous amount of peace of mind.”
Mary Lou – Generac owner

Generac™ Annual Maintenance

Once your generator is installed, you need to maintain it annually to meet the warranty requirements and ensure the reliability of your backup power generator. Having the same company install and maintain your generator will ensure you avoid the challenge of a future vendor blaming a previous vendor for an issue. Or, worse yet, a generator company blaming your electrician for an issue. Trying to find an electrician anytime can be a challenge, but during a wide spread power outage it is nearly impossible. Having Verdi Energy maintain your generator will ensure you have immediate service and a quick resolution to any problem.

“We were out of power for 6 days.. Best purchase we ever made!”
David Panzarella
Generac Backup Power Generators

Reliable Electricity & Mountain Living

Living in the mountains has always impacted the reliability of electricity, but now the intent of utilities to shut off power during potentially high fire periods will result in power outages becoming more frequent. The time to buy a standby generator is when you don’t need it. You will eventually lose your power and at some point and will want a generator. And, if you are working from home, then it is mandatory to keep working during an extended outage.

In most cases, the internet is still working during a power outage since charter and spectrum internet also have backup power generators to keep their system online. But, without backup power your internet modem and router will not work. And, if you do own a Tesla, you won’t be able to charge it from home during a power outage without a backup power generator. If you find a Tesla Supercharger in another town with power there will be a long line since no one else has power either.

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