Smart cars are here to stay which means it is time to install an EV Charging station. This can seem like a big and complicated ordeal. But the truth is, with the right professionals, you can have your own charging system setup and functioning (safely) in no time.

When choosing an installer it is important to go with a reliable, trusted and experienced professional.

Someone who can integrate the charger in not only a safe way, but an aesthetic way as well. Your home deserves to look beautiful and we can maintain that with proper installation.

Here at Verdi Electric, we have years of experience and no how when it comes to Ev Charging installation and electrical work in general.

Better yet, we specialize in helping luxury homes with all their electrical needs.

This keeps everything fast, efficient and aesthetic. Send us a message today if you are interested in having an EV Charged Installed at your home.


Speak to someone today a bout your electrical needs at (775) 391 – 3111. Guaranteed immediate return calls and prompt reliable services.