Being at home is about being relaxed. You should be worry free and able to enjoy yourself completely. This is why more and more homeowners are installing the smart Savant system into their luxury homes.

Savant provides complete home solutions that are programmed, automated and smart. This means they get to keep their home exactly how they like when they like.

Here are 3 powerful Savant features that homeowners are absolutely loving!


Savant makes your home – your home. From your TV, to the climate, to lighting control and much more. Savant allows for complete customization to create the perfect environment for you. Long gone are the days of manually managing and changing every little detail. Savant will know ahead of time with its intelligent design and smart programming.

Latest Technology

Savant uses, interacts and integrates with the smartest, most advanced home technology around. This allows you to save energy and time all while upgrading your home and automating features like lighting and sound. Savant integrates your entire home technology into an easy to control and manage place.

Portable Power

Savant can also work from the touch of your fingertips with the Savant Pro App. This means homeowners can watch, manage and alternate their home systems with the simple touch of a screen. People are now staying in charge wherever they go with the all new Savant Pro App.

If you are interest in setting up the Savant system in your home be sure to order a consultation today.


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