“Let me start off by painting a picture of the WiFi conditions in our house for the past few years.. SLOW as MOLASSES. And in this case the tortoise does not beat the hare, we work from home and having a reliable internet connection is crucial. Over the past couple of years we have had another local company try to figure out why our internet connection was so slow to no avail. We pay for the highest available 100mbps option Charter offers for our area and yet we have consistently been receiving only 15 when using our WiFi… seriously?!

Finally a friend recommended giving Matt a call to see if we were truly a lost cause. He came out with another employee and looked over all of the connections and possible issues with the house, said it was completely fixable and after scheduling an appointment it only took them ONE day to complete the work…and guess what?!

FIXED! I wouldn’t have believed it myself but we logged into good ole fast.com and ran the tried and true speed test.. 110mbps is the high and in a bad moment with all the computers being used we sit around 96mbps. INCREDIBLE! They were professional, intelligent and not willing to settle for mediocre results. It took only ONE trip to fix something that no other person has been able to diagnose or fix in multiple house calls.

All I can do is highly recommend Matt and his team. You will not be disappointed; I only wish I had found out about them years ago! Thanks Matt!!”


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